Palestinian medical sources in Gaza have confirmed that 90 Palestinian families were completely exterminated by Israeli forces in their ongoing war on the Gaza Strip.

On Sunday, the total deaths since the beginning of the war had climbed to 2,120, including 577 children, 260 women and 101 elderly. The number of wounded also became 10,854, including 3,307 children, 2,042 women and 401 elderly.

Spokesman of the ministry of health, Dr Ashraf al-Qudra, said: "The Israeli occupation took the Joudeh family out of the civil record. This massacre is added to 89 similar others."

Al-Qudra noted that the 90 massacred families consisted of 530 members.

In recent days the Israeli occupation stepped up its attacks on residential areas. During the last 48 hours they destroyed a 14-story building in Gaza city, an entire neighbourhood in Khan Younis, a shopping centre in Rafah and three mosques in Rafah, Gaza and Beit Hanoun.

But still the United Nations and their phony warcrimes tribunal do nothing to stop or punish the massacres. Still they do nothing to even slow down the ethnic cleansing and pogroms inflicted on the Palestinian innocents. Still we also do nothing, thereby ensuring that we will one day share the shame that Germans of 1945 felt when they first realized what atrocities had occurred while their eyes were closed.



Renters of suites in 1168 Pendrell in Vancouver's West End have found themselves under attack from the new owner of the building, with this slumlord owner hitting them with illegal eviction notices, increased charges for laundry and obscene and also illegal rent increases, all to drive the residents out in order to turn the building into a kind of hotel rather than ordinary rental usage.

The building is now owned by a gentleman named Anoop Majitha, president of his own development company and appears determined to railroad the tenants out of their homes. Most of the tenants are native-born Vancouverites and Canadians, loyal to Crown and country. They had no idea something like this could happen to them as they were too busy protecting our nation from terrorism to realize the BC Liberal Party was allowing off-shore owners to violate their way of life and system of values.

This is a concern for us here in our newsroom and also apparently for the general public. For instance we heard on the bus today, "How can some dirty little migrant come here and do harm to Vancouverites, the very same Vancouverites that gave him a home in the first place? What kind of thanks are these for our gift of freedom to him?"

We reserve judgement on these comments and many more like them that our staff have heard on the bus the past few days, especially as we don't know the nationality of Majitha, but we point out that as important a global figure as Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (seen here with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper), has stated that multiculturalism is a failure. Maybe it's time to make some changes if such important people are saying this.


Have we not learned our lesson about the wild and out of control corruption and vice exhibited by former news media flunkies when they achieve political office? The list of corrupt, crooked and disgraced media elite politicians such as Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Peter Kent to name just a few is seemingly endless.

In Vancouver, we now have the disgraced Kirk Lapointe, former flunky of Canwest Global, running for Mayor. This guy made his name being part of the attack on free speech that The Vancouver Sun and Province engineered against the pro-free speech organization 'Seriously Free Speech' and you can be sure this will get much worse should he attain office.

Now we have Surrey Now news executive and flunky of Glacier Media, Beau Simpson, trying to capture his piece of the pie by running for Surrey council. This guy apparently plans to make his name shutting down addiction recovery homes in Surrey, throwing addicts out on the street to go back to a life of crime whilst the cash that pays for these homes goes......(I think we know!).

We know about these media moguls and their days in office. We know how they think, what they do, how much they steal. Surely we've learned enough by now to make sure never to vote for Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Peter Kent, Kirk Lapointe, Beau Simpson and all the other scoundrels from one of the most disrespected professions going.

They're all professional crooks and charlatans!


CP Rail spokeswoman Breanne Feigel confirmed that at least one of the company’s pieces of heavy machinery has been vandalized, after the company started destruction of community gardens on its own privately owned land last Thursday, land just like the restaurant' Pidgin' owned in the downtown eastside with its accused vandals given priority and rounded up by the VPD.

But these 'creme-de-la-creme' vandals are being treated with kid gloves despite their rampage and orgy of vandalism attacking the equipment of innocent property owner CP Rail. Instead of a team of investigators and names and addresses published in the lamestream media such as Robyn Pickell, these vandals are getting off scot free. No arrests have yet been made and we predict here at this site that the VPD have no plans to ever arrest a 'creme-de-la-creme' vandal. The class warfare that the VPD engage in only leads to arrests of a certain 'class' of citizen, namely the poor.

This expression creme-de-la-creme by the way comes from one of these Arbutus area residents, when complaining that CP Rail was wantonly operating on their own property, calling herself and her fellow elites who live in the area "the creme-de-la-creme" of Vancouver.

We suggest holding all of these rampaging out of control Arbutus neighbourhood hooligans and vandals in gold-plated jailcells!


Career criminal Leah Susan MacKay, in Langley on May 20th of this year, assaulted three children whilst on a bus. She threatened a child, struck a child and threw a chemical concoction at a child. She pulled a knife on these children all because their mom asked her to stop swearing in front of the children. The childrens ages are 4, 2 and 1 years old. The incident is on YouTube for those who doubt.

For this incredible act of violence against innocent and very young children this well-known to police career miscreant received this week as a punishment......a $100 fine. Yes that's right, for this monstrous crime this harridan got to use some spare change from her Welfare money to walk out of court free to harm more kids.

Now we here have discussed this issue before. We believe this monster was treated leniently because she's a 'regular', in other words a useful money maker for the law industry. Ordinary Canadians on the other hand, such as Marisol Simoes, who's only crime was a non-violent internet dispute with another adult, had the book thrown at her. She had no idea, nor do any of the rest of us, that what she was doing was even a crime. Why was the book thrown at Marisol? Because she's not a regular customer and one-time only customers have to be milked for everything the law industry can get. They'll never be back. While it's important to this same industry that career criminals aren't turned off of crime by receiving any kind of 'excessive' punishment. That way they keep coming back.

So to satisfy a corrupt and amoral industry, our kids are in constant danger of assault, we're in constant danger of making one unknown mistake and having our lives ruined, and the lawyers, judges and prosecutors get richer with lots more overtime to keep the mill running at full pace.

How much longer? When do We The People bring the hammer down on those responsible for these treasonous crimes against the people. When do we rise up and form Citizen Courts with the power to drag politicians and officials into jail cells indefinitely for crimes against the people? How much longer do we put up with this?


A Syrian government airstrike hit a bus carrying civilians in eastern Syria on Wednesday, killing at least 13 people, most of them children reports ABC News off of their Associated Press newswire.

On-site news reports said the aircraft-fired missile struck the bus in the village of Shoula as it was traveling to Damascus from the eastern Deir el-Zour province.

The civilians on the bus were the latest victims in Syria's civil war, which is now in its fourth year and which has killed more than 190,000 people, according to the United Nations.
The Local Coordination's Committee group said 13 people were killed in Wednesday's airstrike, while the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the death toll at 16, including 10 children. It says the death toll was likely to rise because there were many wounded.
Syrian government airstrikes frequently target opposition-held areas of the country. The foul Bashir al-Assad child murdering government blamed the airstrike on local rebels but of course local rebels have no fucking airplanes!
Washington is also considering extending its airstrikes to target opposition groups in Syria so that the child-murdering Assad is not removed from power. Yay Western democracies, always finding the moral low road.



It is with a great deal of hilarity that we hear of the fact that the trailer-park bimbo and right-wing Mayor of Surrey, Dianne Watts, is receiving an honorary degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Not only is it funny to call this motorcycle repair college a university (yeah sure you are) but to give this leech on the public purse an honorary degree for her "dedication to the citizens of Surrey" has us rolling in the aisles.

She is dedicated only to herself and her corrupt and immoral career. And the only way she'd ever have any degree in anything above 'trailer repair 101' is if it was 'honorary'.

This makes a mockery of every other degree handed out by this 'college'. And quite a hilarious joke to boot!


Former Vancouver Sun editor and longtime foe of free speech paragon Kirk LaPointe has been chosen to be the Non-Partisan Association candidate for mayor of Vancouver in November's civic elections, thereby proving that any idiot off the street can be selected as a candidate at any time once a political party is seriously on the decline.

Now we don't want people going crazy about this selection, we've all heard the rumours of satanic masses and human sacrifice, we've all heard the rumours of Jewish kids writing witty parodies of the Vancouver Sun being dragged through the courts during Mr. Lapointe's watch, we're not here to debate the truth of these rumours, we're sure you'll find at least one of these rumours to be true if you Google it extensively enough, thereby making it likely (or unlikely) that all the rumours are true, no we'll leave it to you the reader to decide.

What we do know is that this city will be much worse off, a much darker place if this 'ethically challenged' individual gains any kind of power whatsoever over our lives. Piano wire should be for pianos. Certainly the right to parody the regime will become much more dangerous. Just ask the folks at Seriously Free Speech (seriouslyfreespeech.ca). They could tell you a lot.....


If your business has lost 25% of its customers what do you do? Do you find ways to generate new customers, maximize the value of old customers, and tailor your dealings with your customers with these needs in mind?

The law industry (police, judges, lawyers, etc.) has lost a lot of 'customers' over the last 20 years. Crime rates are down considerably. Fortunately for the industry, they've been able to co-opt our so-called leaders into passing new crazy and out of this world laws aimed at restoring the customer base through the middle class, a previously untapped source of 'criminality' in our once free society. We The People don't particularly care for having our lives, and our families lives destroyed this way, but who cares right? The law is the law no matter how little support it has.

This is why we see these really unusual anomalies in our system, this is why person A gets the book thrown at them but person B has hundreds of charges and convictions and is let off virtually scot-free.

Are there examples? Of course. On the one hand, the book is thrown at middle class taxpayer and cafe owner Marisol Simoes, a 'new customer' that is never likely to be a customer again and is only a customer this time because make believe laws were created to snare her, laws she never imagined existed, and won't be fooled again. She got into trouble due to a non-violent dispute with a customer, one which would normally have been resolved in civil court but there's no value to the criminal injustice system in that eventuality. So to maximize profit on this one time customer the severest sentence possible is given to this middle class citizen with no prior convictions of any kind whatsoever.

As to Marisol's children? Well they go without their mother. With any 'luck' this will affect them in such a negative way that eventually they too will become part of the system, more good customers to cash in on.

On the other hand, lets discuss Delores Pearl Robinson and her sister Molly Christina Robinson, shall we? These two clowns, in their most recent incident, physically assaulted a bus driver. This was physical not some files on the internet like Marisol. The damage to the driver is permanent. It turns out that these two twisted sisters have 450 and 250 arrests respectively. Most of them for violence-related offenses. They have yet to serve as much time in jail as Marisol Simoes was sentenced to in one non-violent disagreement.

But then they're good customers. If you give them stiff sentences you'll frighten them off and they may stop being good customers any longer. So they get no penalties and keep coming back for more and this employs police, judges, prosecutors, a whole whackload of employees committed to lots of expensive overtime and the business of law hums along nicely. Very profitable ladies indeed. The last thing you'd want to do in your business is drive them away.

This is why we see these seemingly strange situations where some miscreant has hundreds of convictions and no jail time and ordinary citizens who make one mistake get the book thrown at them. It's all about keeping the industry as productive and profitable as possible. This is also about as far away from what we want from our system as can be imagined, but who are we? We just pay the bills. And run all the risks. Being killed or jailed are increasingly the only options we have in our middle class lives. Funny thing about the middle class though. You can push it so far but then it bites back. Hard.


The RCMP, using citizen-despised Bill S-7, which makes every freedom fighter a terrorist, have charged middle-class citizen taxpayer Has Yusufzai for allegedly leaving Canada to fight against the child-killing regime of Syria's Bashir Al-Assad.

This Assad monster is a global pariah, the dirtiest filthiest killer of women and children the world has seen in 70 years or more but is being propped up on his throne by the Harper government using draconian and questionable laws to keep citizens from doing what they can to save the lives of children. Driving this Assad animal out of Syria, preferably in a pine box, is the preference of most of the world but not the Conservative Party of Canada who provide aid and comfort to this monster by helping him to stay in power.

And what of this law? What of this 'Terrorism Act'?

As an interesting historical example, lets look at one incident in Canada's history shall we? Back in the 1930's an evil man in Spain named Francisco Franco set himself up as dictator there. The whole world sent brigades of 'terrorists' to try to stop him. Jewish Canadians sent a brigade to try and stop him. If this law existed then, those Jewish heroes of revolution who sacrificed their lives fighting fascism would be labelled 'terrorists' and rounded up in cattle cars by the present Harper government.

This is sickening. What kind of government do we have that would support Franco? That would support Hitler? That would support Bashir Assad and his fascist regime by rounding up his opponents here in Canada? Unless of course the real message here is that it's one thing for western Europeans to involve themselves in the politics of their homeland but not for 'inferiors' to do so? Is this actually racialism of the worst kind?

Why are we Canadians, by accepting this situation, showing our support for the monstrous child-murdering scumbag that rules Syria? What are we going to do about these actions performed in our names but without our blessing or authority?

We as Canadians do not support Franco, we do not support Hitler, we do not support Assad. Those who do are the ones who belong in jail.


We saw once again in the lamestream media just recently the expression 'free ride' when referring to taxpayers riding on transit without having a ticket. How exactly is it free? The whole damn mess is paid for out of tax dollars, tax dollars we all pay into the kitty for the building, maintenance and running of Translink.

So do you not know what 'free' means? Could you be that stupid? Or are you media people, whilst riding around in your Bentleys, just not clued in to what the cost is already to the taxpayers who use the system? Ticket or no ticket. Or is the truth of the matter that you intentionally mislead with this terminology knowing full well the truth of the matter.

This is the most expensive 'free ride' we've ever heard of!


When you support what Israel is doing, the pictures below are what you feel is acceptable. What are you do you think?


Berlin -- You have to wonder how much more the German public will take of the country’s ongoing humiliation by the United States and its extensive program of secretly spying on what nominally is one of America’s most reliable allies.

The latest scandal involves the discovery of a CIA mole working in the highest reaches of Germany’s Defense Ministry. This exposé follows, by less than a week, the arrest of another US spy in Germany’s own intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtsdienst (BND).

Yesterday, the German government ordered the expulsion of the CIA station chief in Berlin because of the discovery of the two active spies. It was the first such expulsion of a CIA station chief by a US ally in memory, but even so, the action appears to be largely symbolic, and designed to appease public anger domestically, not to actually impact spying within Germany by the US. The German government, after all, didn’t even blow the station chief’s identity -- an act of professional courtesy that in this case was totally inappropriate to the offense.

The German people must be left wondering why the German government, almost like an abused child who is old enough to strike back, puts up with this kind of embarrassment at the hands of the US government. Experts have warned Germans in a Spiegel article that national security in the US has at this point become a kind of "state religion." That's a statement which should send a shudder down the spine of any German familiar with the country’s recent history.

Germany, after all, has a powerful economy -- one that, driven as it is by a strong manufacturing sector and a solid trade surplus, including with the US, in many ways is much stronger than the US economy. Germany has no need to worry about any risk of US trade sanctions, the way most countries do that consider trying to stand up to the US. Nor does Germany need to rely on the US military for protection. The country faces no threat from any direction and has quietly built up a powerful military with the capability to manufacture their own hardware. Panzers today roll around on the streets of Germany's cities proudly and openly. They even carry the 'Iron Cross' badging.

So why, one has to ask, would such a powerful country put up with the crap that the US is doing here, which even includes tapping Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone (as disclosed in documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden), or paying spies to rat out the inner workings of a Bundestag intelligence committee?

It's certainly motive enough to break totally free of post-world war constraints and declare a new reich. The rest of the world really needs to worry about how sensible it is to piss the German people off this way. If we haven't learned by now the danger we just simply never will.



A really difficult mystery has landed on our desk from a reader who puzzles about something she saw....

"Hi folks at the Express, I live in Tofino and I saw something one night recently I don't understand and maybe you could help me? I saw a big boat with the words Van ouver  quarium on the side dragging a large mammal-like fish up onto the beach but I don't know why or who they were. Can you figure it out? Melanie. (oh and I have some verrrry interesting pictures)"

Well Melanie, we've put our entire newsroom staff to work to crack this 'Van ouver quarium' and we cannot for the life of us figure out who that could be and why they would be seen doing this in the middle of the night. It appears to be a big mystery to us....

In completely other news, we just want to say how incredibly miraculously wonderful it is that a False Killer Whale baby just happened to wash up on a beach at just the right time to pull the Vancouver Aquariums butt out of the fire and allow them to apparently demonstrate how important they are (which is, of course, a crock). What a truly amazingly lucky break this was for them. Gosh golly if we were them we'd go out and buy a lottery ticket. They're bound to win! (provided they know the numbers ahead of time somehow)


We've just heard that Vancouver City Hall has purchased some new 'black chargers' for its armed thralls to use to suppress the people. We wonder though which kind of black charger they mean??



On this date in 1945, with Hitler defeated and the growing threat of predatory communism looming, US President Harry Truman had his representative Harry Hopkins meet personally with Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and read him the riot act vis-a-vis the communist takeover of Poland and the freedom of the world in general.

He said, "There must be the right of freedom of speech....right of assembly masked or unmasked, right of movement and right of worship. All political organizations be they gov't registered or not should be permitted the free use of the press, radio, meetings and all other facilities of political expression; all citizens have the right to public jury trial....and the right of habeas corpus."

What Mr. Hopkins was making clear to Stalin was that these rights were the core values of western democracy. These values separate us from fascists and terrorists. If we as Canadians live for even one moment under a government that chooses to oppress and repress these values, that government must be overthrown. If we do not then the fascists and terrorists will win.

This is a victory we can never allow. We must never surrender, whatever the cost may be, to such evil. Any government in this country that would pass laws contrary to our core values must be removed from power and its leadership brought to justice.

We are a nation of values.


Ramallah, June 25, 2014—At 2 am on Nov. 14, 2013, Ruwaida Dar Khalil was warming a bottle for her baby son when she heard the screech of car tires outside her home in Sinjil in the occupied West Bank. She dismissed the noise as teenagers fooling around in their cars, and went back to feeding her son. The next thing she heard was the sound of her front door being kicked in. 

Four adult male Israeli settlers were breaking into the tiny house that Ruwaida shares with her husband and five children. The men smashed windows with crowbars, before dousing the entrance in gasoline and setting it ablaze.

"[The fire] lit so quickly and spread fast," Ruwaida told Defense for Children International Palestine. Smoke began filling the kitchen and Ruwaida realized that she had to get her family out.

"I woke up my husband and kids … [my children] were so scared, terrified … they were crying," she said.

With the only escape route ablaze, Ruwaida and her husband, Khaled, had no option but to hide on the roof until help arrived. 

Khaled and Ruwaida had left the United States to return to the West Bank with high hopes of raising their children in their homeland. They never anticipated that their home would be the target of four settler attacks.

Sinjil, the village they now live in with their three daughters and two sons, sits northeast of Ramallah. It is surrounded on three sides by an Israeli military base and two settlements. Soldiers are a common sight in the neighborhood, and Ruwaida finds it hard to understand why they didn’t come to help her family on the night of the attack.

"That night, there were Israeli police officers on the corner… and soldiers usually come to our place every night," she said. "But… nobody showed up. Nobody cared."

"Why didn’t anybody come to protect innocent children in this house?"


Regarding the recent furore surrounding child measles vaccinations and the suspicions surrounding the governments real intentions regarding enforced vaccination...

...how come, if these vaccinations are necessary and effective and the majority of children have already been voluntarily vaccinated, there's such a danger from unvaccinated children? Wouldn't the unvaccinated children just spread it amongst themselves as the rest of the kids already have their shots, right?

In other words, why would children already vaccinated be in dire peril of contracting measles? That makes no logical sense, provided the vaccinations actually work and/or they're not actually something else entirely.

The only explanation to this is that the vaccinations don't work and are something much more sinister. Having unvaccinated kids around exposes the uselessness of the vaccinations. The vaccinated kids contract measles anyway. And the constant threat of children being exposed creates the climate of fear necessary to allow the government to make them mandatory.

For whatever sinister purpose that might be.


After a shooting incident at a Yaletown Starbucks today, Vancouver police tracked and arrested the suspect in the shooting outside busy Science World an hour or so later and the police incident was over at that point.

But all the young children inside enjoying a quiet day of science were held there by the police well after the incident was over. The kids were apparently terrified for the next couple of hours while the police, according to witnesses, paraded themselves around outside in front of camera crews from Global, etc.

Mom # 1, "They kept the kids in way too long rather than getting them out into waiting buses. They refused to let us go and my kids were frightened out of their wits by the dramatics. I don't understand it, they arrested the lone suspect hours earlier but still insisted the kids stay put."

Mom #2, "It was strange, it was as if the police were waiting for something to happen. Then the news crews arrived and the police made a big deal of rushing back and forth in front of the cameras even though the suspect had been taken away much earlier. They wouldn't let our kids out until the grandstanding was over."

Mom #3, "It was terrifying, the police started waving deadly firearms around, one even seemed to be pointing his gun at my 4 year old child, I'm just grateful no children were killed by these crazy cowboys. What the hell did they think they were doing?"

Well, this site can't answer these important questions but we do know that the VPD have had a lot of experience lately at pointing guns at innocent kids. Maybe it makes them feel like real men? We don't know the answer.

Fortunately no kids were killed by erratic and disturbed police during this situation.


A police raid of an east Vancouver home earlier this week as part of an investigation of anti-pipeline graffiti is being criticized as disproportionate to the alleged crime. Five people were arrested during the raid, but all were released and no charges have been laid, Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague said Friday.

16 officers raided a house in east Vancouver under the phony pretext of investigating six mischief charges related to graffiti tags in June, July, and October of 2013, and that four residents of the house and one guest were removed by police aiming loaded firearms at them. It said the five people were placed in a prisoner transport van while a K9 team of vicious dogs entered the house to search for any remaining people, All were eventually released without any charges filed.

An independent international thinktank said of the violent raid, “Considering the minor nature of the charges, the raid carried out by the Vancouver police is clearly part of a larger strategy of politically motivated repression against radicals and especially the growing resistance against oil and gas pipelines throughout the province.”

Fortunately no one was killed during the raid.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's beloved national police force, in an effort to keep us safe from terrorists and criminals, have recently proscribed the deadly Swiss Carbine rifle to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Currently thousands of unknown possessors of this weapon of mass destruction hold them in secrecy for who knows what purpose.

Thank God for our Mounties protecting our safety.

Now, the ruling Conservative party have granted a blanket amnesty to these potential terrorists and criminals to allow them to continue to possess these weapons despite the efforts of those who are trying to protect our way of life and system of values. They're also demanding to know what right the RCMP have to take weapons of mass destruction away from these questionable people. They're attempting to make legal what is currently illegal.

This puts all of our lives at risk. The Asian community especially is now feeling endangered by this move to protect these lawbreakers who continue to possess this proscribed weapon. And those lawbreakers enjoy the full protection of the Conservative Party of Canada.

But we're all in danger. How many deaths, how many horrible acts of terrorism must occur, how many kids must die before we stop the Conservative Party of Canada allowing and even encouraging this kind of lawless possession of weapons of mass destruction?


The American LaFrance Company, better known for its fire engines than its speedsters, has a history that dates back to the early 1830s. The business was formed with the intention of building horse drawn carriages and steam powered fire engines. The Company was officially formed by Truckson LaFrance and his partners in 1873 as the LaFrance Manufacturing Company selling hand powered equipment.

From 1903 through 1907, the International Fire Engine Company, the predecessor of American LaFrance, produced steam powered fire engines and other fire fighting equipment. Over the many years of their existence, both the IFE and American LaFrance, they have created thousands of fire trucks and equipment. Their list of creations have been broad, but centered on emergency response vehicles, such as chemical engines, aerial ladder trucks, airport crash trucks, and more.

The American LaFrance personal usage vehicles were built on their fire truck chassis and used the same basic running gear. They were originally produced so that fire chiefs could have a vehicle complimentary to their station fire equipment but so many corporate executives of the day bought them that they never really got into the hands of those they were originally meant for.

Many of the Speedsters were powered by the monolithic 'pair-cast' four-cylinder engine that featured Ram's Horns inlet manifold, Zenith carburetion, and Eisenmann magento. Braking was on the rear wheels only with the gearbox being three speed manual units. 

The 1914 American LaFrance is powered by an 897 cubic inch T-Head inline 4 engine delivering 105 horsepower. Despite its massive size and weight it attains modern freeway speeds with very little effort. It has a 38-inch wheelbase and seating for two. And woe betide any sad little Hummer or other 'so called' large SUV that foolishly runs into it. Or under it!


"A woman between the ages of 20 and 30 was found murdered – and with evidence of childbirth – with blows to her body and a bullet in the forehead, a classic revenge from drug trafficking," said a June 5 story in the Mexican newspaper El Informador de Jalisco.

A death certificate later classified the woman's death as a homicide.

What the coroner's office didn't mention was that the 24-year-old murder victim (full name withheld to protect the rest of the family) and her mother and sister had twice sought refuge in Canada, in 2004 and 2008, from drug traffickers. The same men are thought to have kidnapped and killed young Grise, leaving the fate of her baby unknown, after she was forced back to Mexico. But the Harper government handed them back to the murderous gangs who killed and girl and her baby.

Grise's tragic death highlights the need to give refugees a right to appeal when their applications are rejected, say Toronto advocates. "We need to have an immigration ombudsman to look into mistakes made in the immigration and refugee system," said Francisco Rico-Martinez of FCJ Hamilton House refugee shelter, which the family contacted for help.

Both Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's office and the Immigration and Refugee Board declined to comment on the case. They also declined to comment as to whether they were masturbating and getting their jollies with excitement at the killings they had so viciously arranged.


All too often, the details of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation are glossed over. But recently, during a Knesset speech by the German Speaker of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, one detail of such a life came under increased scrutiny.

Schultz brought up the issue of water insecurity in the West Bank, which led Israel’s right-wing representatives like Naftali Bennett to walk out in protest. Schultz worried that Palestinians don’t have sufficient control of or access to their own water resources, given that Israel essentially exercises control over their sovereignty. Bennett slammed the notion as ludicrous and the controversy became a debate over data and numbers.
The Jerusalem Post tries to clear up the facts:

The truth is that on average the Palestinians in the West Bank are allocated 60-70 liters of water per day, though there are areas in Zone C where there is no running water and the daily water consumption is only 20 liters per day. According to Mekorot(2011 figures), the average water consumption in Israel is 100-230 liters per day (including desalinated water).
There are no official figures regarding the average water consumption of the Jewish inhabitants in the territories (why?), but it is assumed to be much higher (some say even double) the figure for Israelis within the Green Line.
Anecdotes about West Bank Palestinians lacking access to sufficient water supply while they peer over the walls of a Jewish settlement block with pristine blue swimming pools are not exaggerated. A complex network of infrastructure leaves hundreds of thousands of Palestinians unconnected to the West Bank’s water networks when, of course, the Israeli settlements are not so unconnected.

More importantly, note the Post’s explanation of how Palestinians in the West Bank are allocated certain amounts of water by Israel. Palestinians can have water when and how Israel says they can. That is the central indignity of living under occupation.

And as Amira Hass at Haaretz notes, "Israel doesn’t give water to the Palestinians. Rather, it sells it to them at full price."


General Andrew Leslie, one of our war heroes, has come under what has been described as a treasonous attack from the Conservative Party of Canada for filing perfectly legal and legitimate expense claims, an attack that has sent ripples of fear and concern through the entire ranks of our sacred military.

There are rumours swirling that this unacceptable assault on the General by the Federal Harper government has already led to sucesses in the field by the Taliban as they reap the reward of this unwarranted and treacherous abuse of civilian authority. Our troops are now too busy worrying about their legitimate expense claims to keep all their attention on the enemy. And so, thanks to the Tories, the enemy benefits.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is an appalling act of treason and for the government to be taking the side of the enemies of our military is shocking in the extreme. We must stand behind General Leslie and all our troops as they march to battle for Canada. And we must make it clear to the Conservative Party of Canada that this treachery will NOT be tolerated.


The AMX (American Motors Xperimental) was designed by AMC's VP of Styling, the legendary Dick Teague. It appeared in production as a 2-seater version of the Javelin ponycar in 1968. The AMX continued as a 2-seater through 1970 but fewer than 20,000 were built. The AMX and the Javelin were American Motors Corporation's entries in the 'pony car' market. Though a bit of a 'sleeper' car, the AMX two-seater did enjoy some competition success.

The top of the line optional engine for this car was a 390 cubic-inch V8 delivering 315 horsepower. There is a four-speed manual gearbox and the car weighs in at 3050 lbs. Despite this cars popularity over the years as a 'quirky independent' a little bit different from the big three muscle machines, it still today can be bought well restored for around $25,000. 

Well worth it for a fun and different muscle car!


Toronto's disgusting excuse for a mayor, Rob Ford, was in the Lower Mainland this month getting drunk and stoned in a Coquitlam pub.

What none of the mainstream media are asking is, "With no real reason for Rob Ford to be in the Lower Mainland and Coquitlam right next door to Port Moody, the home base of the equally repulsive Conservative neo-con parasite James Moore, did these two meet up or otherwise get together for some after hours festivities at some point in that evening??"

We're interested in finding any pictures or recollections from anyone who may have seen these two near each other that evening so if you have any dirt to dish please contact us at the email address on the right side of this blog.

Why else would Ford have been here??


New observations from the Herschel Space Observatory show a bizarre, twisted ring of dense gas at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Only a few portions of the ring, which stretches across more than 600 light-years, were known before. Herschel’s view reveals the entire ring for the first time, and a strange kink that has astronomers scratching their heads. For the kink is a well-known mathematical symbol, a symbol very very relevant to the subject matter involved.

The odds against this must be astronomical and so a fluke in this case is quite incredible. On the other hand, any powerful deity would of course know what we use as a symbol for infinity (first used in the 17th century) and be able to place that symbol in deep space as a message for all mankind.

A powerful symbol indeed!


....a young blonde chick was using the following password:


When she was asked why she was using such a long password, she replied, "Well duh, it has to be 8 characters long and include at least one capital....."


In a show of Christ Mass spirit that could only have been spewed out by the mind of Satan, Conservative slimeball James Moore says, "Is it the government's job - my job to feed my neighbours child? I don't think so." He then laughed in a manner eerily similar to the evil chuckle of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Now we know that these neo-con vermin aren't Christian and have no values to speak of, but Canadians do and Canadians feed the hungry child next door. We also pay taxes to ensure that everyone has a full belly, not just the few with the wealth to do so. In fact, it's one of the three purposes to paying taxes - paved roads, protected neighbourhoods and a social safety net to ensure all live comfortably within our society. Without these three basic purposes there's no reason to band together into societies in the first place.

What use do we have for a government at all if not these three objectives?


Back in 1954 Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulietta to the world, which proved to be an important vehicle for the Company, because it was the first offering since World War II that truly resembled the racing inspired vehicles Alfa was capable of producing. The vehicles were mass produced, a first for the company. The Giulietta came in various body-styles including the Spider, Sprint, TI, and Veloce.

The vehicles were built with the engine in the front and powered the rear wheels. Most used a four-speed manual gearbox with front and rear drum brakes. The steering was worm-and-roller with the front suspension comprised of wishbones with telescopic dampers and coil springs with anti-roll bar while the rear was a rigid live axle with telescopic dampers and coil springs.

In 1956, the Veloce was introduced. This version was sporty, with its dual-cam 1300 cc alloy engine. Using dual Weber DC03 carburetors the vehicle was capable of producing 90 horsepower. The gas tank was enlarged to better prepare it for endurance racing while the larger front brakes provided excellent stopping power. By using Plexiglas rear and side windows and aluminum alloy doors, hood, and trunk lid the vehicle was able to shed weight, ultimately improving performance. The Veloce version was available on the Spider and the Sprint.

Despite what BMW fans might say about their 2002s, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was the first sports sedan. Admittedly, that assertion might meet with some controversy, but even on paper the Giulietta's sporty demeanor is clear. Even the four-door (or Berlina) Giuliettas were equipped with mechanicals that made many contemporary sports cars jealous. The brakes were excellent finned Alfin drums, the rear axle with its aluminum differential housing was suspended by coils instead of leaves, and the car's compact size and weight of just one ton ensured delightful road manners.



The National Press Gallery, an organization that claims not to be an adjunct of the Canadian Conservative Party, refused to allow an aboriginal man, Patrick Brazeau, press credentials to cover Parliament for his people. This helps to ensure that aboriginal people only get their press coverage from the whites dominated mainstream media.

Press Gallery president Daniel Thibeault said the gallery's constitution states that a member's principal occupation must be reporting on federal politics, but this is, of course, not the primary occupation of any aboriginals trying to eke out a living on reservations, survival is their principal occupation and therefore all aboriginals are effectively disqualified.

Only the wealthy white man can afford to make such a luxury his 'principal occupation' and so the system of apartheid in Canada is maintained by this bit of legalistic 'Botha-like' fiction, a fraud that the world has to react to and start a boycott of Canadian goods abroad.

This has succeeded before, it can succeed again!


Congratulations fellow hard-working taxpayers, we have a new pig feeding at our trough!

Useless parasite and short-term MLA Ben Stewart, who gave up his Kelowna riding for Premier Christy Clark, has been appointed B.C.’s new Asia trade commissioner. Clark named this parasite to the post based in Beijing and comes with a $150,000 annual salary just for doing her a dirty little favour. And so we the people have to pay for this garbage to luxuriate at our expense.

Once upon a time when the greatest generation ruled our nation these posts were given to professionals in their field, people who were trained and educated in the role of diplomat but on board today's pirate ship called the Province of BC any trash off the street who donates to the BC Liberal Party can be appointed to positions they're not fit to hold.

And so we have to hold our noses. For now!


We have to laugh at all the discussions surrounding the fact that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper resists addressing the United Nations general assembly.

The reason why is obvious to everyone but the mainstream media....because too many nations now consider Canada a 'rogue' state and too many nations would walk out on camera while he's making his speech.

Stephen Harper is afraid to be internationally embarrassed when respectable countries such as Brasil and various Scandinavian countries, as well as many others, would publicly walk out just like they do when Iran or North Korea's leaders come to speak.

This is the shameful accomplishment of seven years of bad luck for Canada in the form of the Harper regime. We've gone from the darling of the world stage to a pariah, lumped in with the worst nations as a difficult and cantankerous troublemaker.

So Prime Minister Harper and his cronies, including the lamestream media, pretend he has other, better things to do with his time when in fact he's just a coward. All bullies are.


Canadian citizens have been taking to the streets to protest the loss of three billion dollars from taxpayers by the incompetent federal government. In a bid to stave off criticism of the 'missing' 3 billion dollars from the public's coffers, Canada's extremist fascist government has announced draconian new laws designed to imprison any free born Canadian citizen caught wearing a mask at a public protest of the theft oops we mean disappearance of that 3 billion tax dollars.

Increasingly, at protests demanding the money back and various other condemnations of the Harper fascists, citizens have been wearing those funny "We want our 3 billion dollars back" masks and so the government, made up of mostly radicalized elements of rightwing society in Canada, has tried to use violence against the people to shut the people up. This is a tried and true method used by Iran, North Korea and Russia to silence criticism so, "why not try it here" asks our extremist federal government.

In the meantime, the number of Conservative rats fleeing the sinking ship of the Harper government continues to grow as the realization of extremism sets in. As one former Conservative and now backbench independent MP says, "This is the exact opposite of what we came to Ottawa to achieve."

We don't think the word 'achieve' has much of a role to play, once the opposition takes power everything these evil bastards have done will be reversed, but it shows just how disheartened the Conservative base is these days. And unlike past similar governments of the kind that the Harper government is, there's no big rallies to get excited about and get the blood stirring in support of the unsupportable.

You know the kind of rallies we mean, like the big one at Nuremburg a few years back....


Watching the events unfold with the flooding in Calgary, we can't help but be amazed at not just the justtice of the Lord God but his sense of humour.

To think that the hotbed of anti global warming ignorance is itself suffering through a serious global warming event is delightfully ironic.

But no doubt Pharoah's heart remains hard and no lesson will be learned from this. We can only hope that the twitchy lunatics that spew out of Calgary will be too busy with the cleanup for the next little while to interfere with activists trying to fix the causes of such disastrous flooding.

Someone might even be able to "commit sociology"!


This site has to laugh at the 1% elites in the USA demanding that middle class pro-democracy activist Edward Snowden give himself up to authorities and "take his chances" with the justice system we in the West laughably live with.

It is, of course, a direct slap in the face of that system that Mr. Snowden (and others) aren't stupid enough to be willing to take that chance. Even as we watch shows like 60 Minutes documenting yet another horrific case of a middle class family man being railroaded by an out of control adversarial prosecution system, we're expected by the elites to 'take our chances'.

Good luck with that idea, One percenters. Increasingly We The People see you for what you are and are no longer fooled. And we will bring you to justice one day. Our justice, so it will be honest and moral not vile and fraudulent.


Since the truth about America’s everyday surveillance of individual citizens came to light, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has come under particular scrutiny for overt lies made under oath to the US Senate. The White House is said to be comfortable with them.

Clapper was defiant on Sunday news shows when asked about that particular federal offense, saying he felt the question he was asked was "unfair" and that he gave the "least untruthful" lie he could think of in response.

Which was still a horrible lie that he eventually got caught in, and his attempts to defend lying under oath on the grounds that he could’ve conceivably given an even worse lie was so asinine that he’s become a laughingstock, at least for the moment.

Since Clapper’s crimes are in many ways the same as Obama’s crimes, it isn’t that surprising that the White House is defending him. Yet as the scandal lingers, Clapper’s lies and the compounding factor that they were made under oath could make him a political liability, one the administration may eventually have to ditch as it struggles to keep its surveillance apparatus intact.


In a serious attack on parliamentary privilege, the RCMP today allegedly became directly involved in the politics of our nation by seizing Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the official opposition, and keeping him from getting to vital meetings to bring down the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The RCMP appear to have been lying in wait at a checkpoint at parliament and when Mr. Mulcair passed, they chased him down. No opposition leader has been detained in this manner in the history of Canada, even English King Charles I was not able to successfully seize opposition parliamentarians in this manner, and so this may signal that our country is now effectively a dictatorship with the RCMP in the role of enemy of the people's opposition.

No word at the time of writing as to the whereabouts of the leader of the opposition.


The Arab Ajial school of Jaffa will take legal action against the Superland amusement park of Rishon Letzion after having allegedly been refused into the facility because of their ethnicity.

According to Khaled Shakra, a teacher of the Ajial school, he was about to confirm the booking for his class’ end of year celebration at the park, when he was asked for the details of the school. Once the theme park discovered the name and location of the school, Shakra was told that the days he had asked and was previously approved for were no longer available. He then tried to call Superland again, this time using a Hebrew name, and managed to confirm the reservation for the same days he had previously required.

Exclusion of Arab customers is becoming an increasingly frequent tool of segregation, which adds to a backdrop of systematic discrimination of citizenship rights, employment opportunities, redistribution of resources and social welfare. The Superland amusement park is not the first facility in Rishon Letzion to reject customers because of their ethnicity. Mohammad Safouri and his wife Sama tried repeatedly to make a reservation in Soho restaurant, a well-known eatery in town. Due to their name, they were told that there was no availability or that the computer system for the reservation was down. Similar to Sultani, Safouri did not encounter any problems in booking a reservation when he called back later the same day and provided a Jewish name.

The segregation policies enacted by Israel are not confined within the boundaries of the state, but also extend throughout the West Bank. The Kalia Beach Dead Sea Resort, owned by the illegal Israeli settlement of Kibbutz Kalia, denied access to Palestinian customers claiming no availability, while Israelis and foreigners continued to be allowed in the facility.


Incoming Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has issued a statement angrily condemning last week’s US drone strike, insisting it was a violation of Pakistani sovereignty as well as a violation of international law.

Sharif summoned US embassy officials to deliver the complaint to the Obama Administration. Anger over the attack extends beyond the incoming ruling party, with opposition leader Imran Khan also slamming the attack as showing "hostile intent" to the new Pakistani government.

The Obama Administration’s policy of drone strikes has driven considerable anti-US sentiment in Pakistan, and was a driving factor in this month’s Pakistani election, in which a ruling party perceived as weak on the attacks saw its representation evaporate in the face of Sharif and Khan both running in opposition to the drones.

The Wednesday attack was particularly onerous for the Sharif government, since the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the targeted militant faction, was being courted for peace talks by Sharif, and has withdrawn from those talks in the wake of the attack.

The US is unapologetic over the attacks, with Secretary of State John Kerry insisting that attacks are legal because of 9/11, and that the killing of suspects "is necessary in order to protect US lives."


An Israeli public swimming pool has refused entry to a group of children with cancer because the children are Arab.

Israel’s Channel 2 news station says that Dr. Gali Zohar wanted to surprise a group of twenty Bedouin children with cancer with a fun day at the pool at Mabuim village in the south of the country.

Zohar called the pool ahead of time and managers agreed to admit the children free of charge. Everything was fine until the managers realized the children were Arab and then specifically said that allowing Bedouin children in would be a "problem."

Bedouins in the south of historic Palestine are ostensibly citizens of Israel but face the imminent threat of further mass expulsions from their traditional lands as part of Israel’s racist "Judaization" policies.

The Channel 2 report includes an audio recording of a telephone call in which a pool manager specifies that the facility will not let in children from the Arab "sector." The report added that Ben-Gurion University agreed to allow the children to use its facilities.

This shocking incident came to light just days after it emerged that another Israeli facility, the theme park Superland, segregates Jewish and Arab students on separate days.

While Arab and Jewish children in Israel attend separate and unequal schools, racial segregation in public facilities like parks or pools is not mandated by law as it was in apartheid South Africa or the United States. But Palestinian citizens of Israel have habitually faced discrimination.

As for millions more Palestinians living under occupation and siege in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel’s strict closures, sieges and permit system effectively bar them from most recreational facilities, parks and beaches in historic Palestine.

In recent years, Palestinian and Israeli women have challenged these draconian movement restrictions by going on "illegal" trips to the beach together.

The latest cases of swimming pool racism are reminiscent of an incident caught on video last year when Palestinian families were turned away from a resort near the Dead Sea as Europeans, Israelis and dogs were allowed to enter freely.


In a sickening act of treason against Canadians, Canada’s elite military police force was called in to investigate how  CTV news reporter Bob Fife obtained embarrassing information involving the country’s top general and his spending of more than $1 million using government aircraft to jet to hockey games and to a Caribbean vacation spot.

It turns out though, that the information was all legally obtained through the Access to Information law, raising new questions about the government and military’s use of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, known by its acronym as the NIS.

The police report involving CTV is one of several NIS investigations into media outlets that have been engineered by Defense Minister Peter McKay that the news media has discovered using the Access law. The media filed the access request after sources said the military police force was being used inappropriately to investigate journalists who wrote or broadcast embarrassing information about Defence Minister Peter MacKay and the Canadian Forces leadership.

The September 2011 report by CTV reporter Bob Fife on the travel habits of then-chief of the defence staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk infuriated the senior military leadership, according to Defence Department sources. So the general and the minister resorted to high treason against the rights, freedom, way of life and system of values cherished by Canadians and attempted to intimidate the media into silence.

This did not work as We The People stand on guard for our great nation of Canada against terrorists such as General Natynkzyk Minister Peter McKay and now We The People call for their just and appropriate punishment as enemies of the state.

1931 DE VAUX MODEL 6-75

Norman De Vaux was originally a manager with Chevrolet. In 1930, he teamed with Colonel Elbert Hall of the Hall-Scott Motor Company to form the De Vaux-Hall Motors Corporation. They leased space from the Hayes Body Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan and by April of 1931 the De Vaux 6-75 was ready for market. The car was shown at the New York and Chicago Auto Show in hopes of raising some enthusiasm for the new product, especially considering the era in which it was created - The Great Depression.

The new car was powered by an L-head six-cylinder engine designed by Hall and was available in a range of four models priced from just under $600 to nearly $800. The engine was rather unusual for such a modestly priced car, as it had six separate ports for intake and exhaust. Though a difficult price group to contend in, the car was well equipped, stylish, and a relative bargain.

De Vaux offered two body styles, a coupe and a sedan, but each was offered in four stages of trim and equipment: Standard, Sport, Deluxe and Custom. The Standard cars had wood artillery wheels and Bedford cord upholstery. The coupes gained a rumble seat while the Sport models added wire wheels and mohair.

This particular coupe came with an L-head, six-cylinder engine displacing 214.7 cubic-inches and offering 65 horsepower. There is a three-speed manual transmission, a 112-inch wheelbase, and four-wheel mechanical drum brakes.

During the 1931 model year, the company sold 4,808. It was the companies first year in business, and this level of sales was impressive, but it was not enough to keep the company afloat. By January of 1932, the partners decided to sell the company.The new owners didn't see the viability of it and shut it down after another year, a classic victim of the financial times of the 1930's.


Conservative MP Bob Dechert, who has served as parliamentary secretary to Foreign Minister John Baird since May, admitted to sending flirtatious emails to Shi Rong, a Toronto-based correspondent with Chinese Communist party state-run news agency Xinhua. Both are married.

One message that appears to have been sent from Dechert’s Parliament Hill account reads: “You are so beautiful. I really like that picture of you by the water with your cheeks puffed. That look is so cute. I love it when you do that. Now, I miss you even more.” It is signed, “Bob Dechert, MP” and dated April 17, 2010, when Dechert was parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson. But the really shocking thing about this is the fact that the minister, John Baird, is completely unconcerned about the situation and dismisses it as irrelevant.

The Foreign Minister’s reaction is disturbing, said David Harris, who worked as chief of strategic planning at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. “It suggests that this type of matter is not taken with adequate seriousness,” he said.

The government has an obligation to conduct an in-depth investigation to ensure there really was no wrongdoing, he added, and that national security wasn’t compromised. Simply taking Mr. Dechert’s word for it, Mr. Harris argued, is unacceptable, as the MP’s judgment and credibility are already in question.

One issue that has emerged from this story is the role Xinhua plays in Canada and abroad. The Chinese news agency was created in 1931 and for years served as a mouthpiece for the country’s communist government. While it has since opened bureaus in about 120 countries, including three in Canada, it continues to be state run and a major propaganda arm for the Chinese government.

Former Canadian diplomat Charles Burton, who served in China and has since become an expert on the country, alleges the agency is also a vital source of intelligence gathering.

Xinhua agents won’t find any intelligence within the Conservative Party of Canada so that’s safe but the rest of the country has been compromised due to MP Dechert’s treason.


In March, James Kelly, a 44-year-old Navy veteran, was passing through Houston, Texas in the USA on his way to connect with family in California. Homeless, destitute, and hungry, he chose to check out the dining delicacies in a trash bin near City Hall. Spotted by police, Kelly was promptly charged with "disturbing the contents of a garbage can in the [central] business district." Seriously.

"I was just basically looking for something to eat," he told the Houston Chronicle. But, unbeknownst to both this indigent tourist and the great majority of Houston’s generally generous citizens, an ordinance says that "molesting garbage containers" is illegal.

Also, in 2012, city officials made it a crime for any group to hand out food to the needy in the downtown area without first getting a permit. A permit to commit an act of charity. You know, like Jesus used to. It’s a cold use of legal authority to chase the homeless away to…well, anywhere else.

Such laws are part of an effort throughout the country to criminalize the destitute. If you're not wealthy you're a loser not a winner. And losers belong behind bars. Such is this truly evil thinking. And, sure enough, when hungry, the behavioral tendency of a homeless human is to seek a bite of nourishment, often in such dining spots as dumpsters. The homeless behavior that Houston has outlawed, then, is eating. Without a permit apparently.

The good news is that when Houstonians learned of Kelly’s situation, many reached out to help him get through his hard times. Now they need to reach out to local politicos and get the city to smarten up and find God. Not Satan.


No mainstream media are going to say it so we'll say it here:  the reason why Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now coming out to address the issues revolving around the video that's believed to show him doing crack with some gangsta homeys, coming out and aggressively denying any involvement or knowledge of what the whole affair is about is because he now owns the video.

His people will have contacted (or even more likely been contacted by) the possessors of this video and will have bought it and the silence of the characters responsible for filming it. That's obvious, there's no point in hemming and hawing and beating about the bush here. His grubby little fingers now have that video.

The question is, would the filmographers in question here have only one copy or did they keep a copy for themselves? It's a great way to ensure full legal protection if you get caught committing crimes. If arrested just contact the Mayor and warn him you still have a copy so you better get off scot free on whatever charge you're facing. Mayor Ford and his cronies would not be able to take any chances so would have to protect those gangsters if required.

They used to call Toronto 'The Big Smoke', now I guess one could call it 'The Big Crack Smoker!"


We here at this site like to be helpful with our advice whenever the opportunity presents itself. And one of those ways is to give advice to various sectors of society when we feel they may need it. And the sector we want to help today is the industry of ‘bank robbing’. Specifically how to get away with bank robbing if you’re caught.

Now we don’t encourage bank robbing as a career choice. It’s fraught with peril and there’s all sorts of complicated ‘rules’ about it that aren’t entirely clear and provide a minefield for the prospective bank robber to wade through.

To put it in layman's terms, if caught ‘bank robbing’ offer to give the money back. It’s that simple! Just give the money back and find some other way to rob a bank. Maybe the next time you won’t get caught. But if caught just offer the money back. The bank will take it and say, “Hey, thanks for being so honest and giving the money back without being forced to. We’ll now cover up any investigation that might have occurred due to your robbing of my bank.”

See how easy that is! And if you yourself are uncomfortable giving the money back cuz say you spent it all already, just go to your sugar mommy or sugar daddy and get them to pay it back for you. Your mommy will go to the bank and say, "Ohhh my son’s a good little boy, he’s just mixing with a bad crowd, he didn’t understand the rules, he’s stupider than a sackful of hammers, he’d never intentionally rob a bank that he intentionally robbed, he’s just so confused. Please pay off my boy’s debt to society so he can proudly proclaim that he paid the stolen money back. That he didn’t intentionally steal by signing documents declaring his intent!”

And once you’ve done that, you’re free to continue working as a bank robber for the rest of time (or until age 75) thinking up whole new ways to rob the bank.

The taxpayers bank.


Standing within the boundaries of the holy city, Lifta is one of the 68 villages surrounding Jerusalem that were ethnically cleansed during the Israeli systematic attack in 1948. Unlike the others, it is the only Arab village that has not been destroyed since.

Israel confiscated the village land under the Absentee Property law in 1950, despite recognition by the Fourth Geneva Convention of the right of refugees to be repatriated.

Some of its inhabitants found shelter a few hundred meters away, certain of soon being able to return to their former homes, while others fled to the West Bank and are now unable to visit their village due to the severe restrictions on Palestinian movement imposed by the Israeli government.

Last year, the Israel Land Authority (ILA) issued a tender for a construction plan for 212 luxury housing units on the Lifta site. The Jerusalem District Court for technical reasons rejected the measure, but the plan is still on stand-by.

One of the former inhabitants of Lifta is Yacoub Odeh, born in 1940 and among the last holders of the oral history of the village. When not working at the Land & Housing Research Centre in Jerusalem, Odeh organises guided tours, bringing Lifta back to life for a couple of hours with memories of the bread baked in the tabboun, the taste of za’tar and fresh olive oil and the smell of homemade ka’ak. Odeh recounts how the members of the community lived, how they shared food and water and helped one another cultivate their lands. He describes his village as jennah, or "paradise" but goes on to acknowledge, "As Arabs say, paradise without people is nothing."

Due to its strategic position, Lifta was one of the first villages attacked by the Israeli forces in 1948, the year remembered by Palestinians as the Nakba, the catastrophe. Odeh was only 8 years old at that time, but his memories of that day are still vivid. When he heard the shooting, he was at home with his mother, who hid him and his siblings under a table.

One of the men of the village used his truck to drive the children to Ramallah, away from the conflict. "One moment we had everything, we were happy, and the moment after we were beggars," Odeh remembers. During the tours, he carries with him many documents proving Palestinian ownership of the land, one of which dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

"Unfortunately," he argues, "this is not a matter of law, but of law of force."


Once upon a time a long time ago people with the means to do so didn’t just buy a car and then trade it in a few years later for another car. They bought a car to last their lifetime. It was a purchase as important to them as the Chippendale sofa they may have acquired and meant to last just as long. The style of it was what the purchaser required and had no interest in ‘modernizing’ down the road.  This was the car you were meant to be seen in, associated with and identified by.

The Crane Motor Company of Bayonne, New Jersey produced very high end high quality automobiles from 1912 through 1915. They were costly, the chassis alone was valued at $8000, this at a time when a Model T Ford cost $500, but these were cars for those to whom money was no object.

In 1912, the company began the production of the Model 3. It came equipped with a six-cylinder engine that delivered 46 horsepower and was mated to a four-speed transmission and featured shaft drive. Crane built the chassis then sent the vehicles to coachbuilders to be fitted with coachwork. A popular coachbuilder for the Crane was Brewster & Company and most of the Cranes wore their coachwork.

Between 1912 and 1913, around 20 examples of the Model 3 were built. 4 were built in 1914. The companies six-cylinder engine caught the attention of the well-established Simplex Automobile Company of New Brunswick, NJ. Many automakers were switching to larger, more powerful engines, and the Simplex chain drive four-cylinder engine was in need of being replaced. The Simplex Automobile Company purchased the Crane Motor Car Company and future cars were known as the Crane-Simplex. Production continued in the Simplex factory and by 1917, around 500 chassis examples were built. Brewster continued on as one of the favoured coachbuilders, along with Holbrook, Demarest, and Healey.

Socialite Helen Hartley Jenkins of Madison Avenue, NYC, originally owned this Crane Model 3. One of the wealthiest women in America, she originally paid $15,000 for the car. The Seal Cove museum of Maine acquired it in 1986 where it currently resides still in good running order.

As it was meant to.


A Saudi student living in Michigan was questioned in his home by FBI agents after neighbours saw him carrying a pressure cooker and called the police.

Talal al Rouki had been cooking a traditional Saudi Arabian rice dish called kabsah and was carrying it to a friend's house.

According to reports in a Saudi newspaper on Friday, the FBI are increasingly vigilant about 'pressure cooker' home-made bombs after the Boston bombers used one to make an explosive.

The Saudi journal, Oukaz reported on the story of the Saudi student who had FBI agents come to his home, following a tip-off from neighbours that he was seen moving about with a pressure cooker bomb.

While armed agents surrounded his apartment block, other agents, asked a 'nervous' Mr al Rouki if they could come in to question him.

'They asked me about my major, when I arrived in the US and what I do in my spare time' he told the Saudi newspaper.

Officers said that two days earlier that a woman had seen him walking out of his apartment carrying the pressure cooker pot, which was described as 'bullet coloured’.

The young student showed them his pressure cooker and explained to them he used to make a rice dish.
An FBI agent said: 'You need to be more careful moving around with such things, Sir'

Mr al Rouki has become a focus of attention now in the Saudi press.

According to reports in a Saudi newspaper, the FBI are increasingly vigilant about 'pressure cooker’ home-made bombs and have a keen eye on Arabs who reside in the US.


We at this site support social and political protest completely and absolutely. Cover your face, paint slogans on walls, commit acts of minor mischief and mayhem and we have nothing against that. We simply don’t feel that laws written to suppress the rights of people to protest without asking permission first have any validity with ALL the people. They’re written by governments formed by the wealthy, for the wealthy, to support the economic malfeasance of the wealthy and as such, completely undemocratic in nature. Until the system is changed to one that cannot be corrupted by the 1% we’re always going to side with the little guy who has to do what‘s necessary to gain attention for a cause intentionally suppressed by the elite. What we claim is a democracy is not much of one.

But this business of torching construction sites (or anything else for that matter) is a no-no. There are children living in those houses right near the 1st and Victoria arson attack and fire is one of the most sickening killers of children there is. The horror of it is beyond contemplation and so the stupid idiots who set this fire, and who would have to live with the horror of their deed for the rest of their lives if it had gone wrong, need to smarten up and drop that idea as a protest of any kind. Arson is not a protest, it is deadly dangerous and idiotic to toy with. Fire can spread in an instant and trap innocent people in a particularly horrific manner.

So we ask that if you know of who did this, consider turning them in to the local authorities or at least make it absolutely clear to them that this is not part of the otherwise valid protest system. This is stupidity and should not be tolerated by anyone. And if one of those involved in this is the guy who drifted into Vancouver a few months back dressed in black fatigues and sporting an Adolf Hitler mustache (which he’s now shaved off) we suggest you go back to wherever it is you came from. You’re an idiot and we don't want you here!


The Heads of Christian Churches and Patriarchs in Jerusalem condemned in a statement the brutal treatment of the clergy, people, and pilgrims in the Old City of Jerusalem during Holy Saturday last week, the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation said in a press release.

"A day of joy and celebration was turned to great sorrow and pain for some of our faithful because they were ill-treated by Israeli policemen who were present around the gates of the Old City and passages that lead to the Holy Sepulcher," Heads of Churches said in a statement.

"We understand the necessity and the importance of the presence of security forces to ensure order and stability, and for organizing the celebration of the Holy Fire at the Church of the Resurrection," They continued, "Yet, it is not acceptable that under pretext of security and order, our clergy and people are indiscriminately and brutally beaten, and prevented from entering their churches, monasteries and convents."

They urged the Israeli authorities, especially the Ministry of Interior and the police department in Jerusalem, to seriously consider their complaints, to hold responsibility and to condemn all acts of violence against their faithful and the clergy who were ill-treated by the police.

They deplore that every year, the police measures are becoming tougher, and they expect these accidents will not be repeated and the police should be more sensitive and respectful if they seek to protect and serve.

They added, "We also denounce all those who are blaming the churches and holding them responsible of the Israeli measures during Holy Week celebrations."

The Heads of Christian churches in Jerusalem condemn all of these measures and violations of Christians' rights to worship in their churches and Holy Sites. They also condemn all measures of closing the Old City and urge the Israeli authorities to allow full access to the Holy sites during Holy Week of both Church Calendars.

The Harper government of Canada, despite establishing an Office of Religious Freedom theoretically created specifically for these eventualities, has done nothing to condemn this appalling attack on the rights and freedoms of Christians in the Holy Land. The blood of Christian martyrs runs through the streets of Jerusalem while our government looks on unconcerned.